About Meredith

Meredith Terranova has been helping her clients reach their nutritional goals since 2004.  Through Meredith’s guidance, her clients have reached goals ranging from losing weight, wellness nutrition, race nutrition, training and recovery nutrition, and others using a real world nutrition approach. 

Eating healthy and preparing healthy meals at home has been a part of Meredith’s lifestyle for many years.  Her passion to share this lifestyle strengthened after taking food science and culinary classes as part of her nutrition degree at University of Houston.  Meredith received her Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Consumer Science from the University of Houston in 1997, followed by her Internship in 1998. Because learning and nutrition are an ever evolving she recently continued her studies receiving her Masters in Advanced Nutrition and Human Performance in 2020, with her thesis on Gut Microbiome and Endurance Athletes. 

As an ultra-distance runner, triathlete, and swimmer, a healthy lifestyle is part of her daily routine.  By living what she teaches, she has experienced a huge impact on training, performance, and recovery.   This is evident as she continues to see success at every distance from an Ultraman to a 100 mile run in the mountains. 

Meredith is involved in the local athletic community: Colin’s Hope, and leading the nutrition for Band of Runners Trail Running Camps.  Additionally, she works with local companies on wellness programs to support a healthy nutrition lifestyle and long-term wellness.

Whether your goals are learning to eat healthy, lose weight, or manage your training nutrition, Meredith looks forward to sharing her expertise to help her clients achieve healthy nutritional living.

"There is NO DIET in learning to meal prep, getting educated on nutrition topics, and finding healthy balance in the meals that you choose."